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Follow-Up Workshop

There are several reasons that people don’t do business with you, but usually it’s because they get busy, they forget, life happens, they get shiny object syndrome… All of this can be helped by a good follow-up system.


It doesn’t matter if you are low-tech or high-tech, what matters is that you have a system that you can and do follow.


It very important for you to have a follow-up system in place for every niche of your business, and for every step of the buying process. As they move from prospect to buyer to frequent customer, the follow up that you do changes and continues.


The money is in the list, and follow-up helps you nurture it!


Join us on November 14th for Marketing Methods Follow-up Workshop. You will leave with a workable system that when implemented will make you more money.



Mark your calendars! We are back at the lovely Library Restaurant!

November 14th  -  10:30 – 11:15 – Networking

11:15-2:00 – Follow-Up Marketing Workshop

The Library Restaurant

2610 S. Lynhurst Dr

Indianapolis, IN 46241


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