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Be Different and Get Noticed with

Outrageous Holiday Marketing

With the Holidays fast approaching we need to make sure we have our holiday marketing in order!

This is one of my favorite subjects to teach on! The last few months have been super content rich, but hard to make exciting and fun…It’s time to shake things up with some Outrageous Holiday Marketing!

There are more reasons to buy in the next three months than the previous nine! Are you giving your customers a reason to buy from you?

Stop doing what everyone else in your industry is doing! Stand out! Get noticed! Outrageous Marketing and Advertising may seem hokey to you, but your customers (or potential customers) are bored to death in their daily lives and they are looking for something fun and out of the ordinary.

Figure out how to get your marketing on the top of the pile!

Join us October 14th for the Outrageous Holiday Marketing Workshop and learn how to really stand out with your marketing!

October 14th –  10:30 – 11:15 – Networking

11:15-2:00 – Outrageous Holiday Marketing Workshop

The Library Restaurant

2610 S. Lynhurst Dr

Indianapolis, IN 46241


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