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If you only had to master one thing…

Mastering this one thing, will directly impact the amount of success you will have! What is this one thing? Communication! Specifically words that sell, known in our world as copywriting.

“The bottom line is this – Until someone writes, talks, or otherwise conveys their message through words, nothing happens,” says Scott Manning when trying to drive home the importance of Copywriting.

The ability to craft, create and compose words that result in sales for the people who read and listen to them will truly set you free! And isn’t that what is on our minds this time of year? Freedom?

If you really want to MAXIMIZE your profit you have to learn to be a good copywriter! This can come in many forms from websites, emails, sales letters, videos, audios, sales presentations etc – it’s all about writing great copy that sells!

Join us this month as we breakdown great copywriting in to actionable steps. It doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to follow this proven system! You will leave being a better copywriter and ready to go out and Make More Money!!!


July 10th –  10:30 – 11:15 – Networking

11:15-2:00 – 2015 Copywriting Workshop

The Library Restaurant

2610 S. Lynhurst Dr

Indianapolis, IN 46241


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