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Lost Customer Workshop

Getting customers is never an easy job, but it is often easier to get an old customer back than it is to get a brand new one!

Who knows why they left to begin with…maybe they changed jobs, started school, changed their family, moved…There are all sorts of reasons people stop doing business with you, and most of the time it’s not because of something you did. They just got out of the habit and have now forgotten all about you.

And what if you did do something wrong? Can you make up for that and bring them back?

What if they did something wrong and are embarrassed? Can you forgive them and get them back?

How do you get them back?

This month we will go over several ways to regain those old customers and get them excited about coming back and doing business with you again!

Join us June 10th for a great workshop on how to get those lost customers reactivated!


June 10th –  10:30 – 11:15 – Networking

11:15-2:00 – Lost Customer Workshop

The Library Restaurant

2610 S. Lynhurst Dr

Indianapolis, IN 46241


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