Let’s talk about the good is good enough philosophy.

This one is going to hurt your soul a little.  As the head honcho, you want everything to be perfect in your business.  You constantly strive for excellence and too often things don’t get done, because they just aren’t perfect.

Please, don’t misunderstand.  I’m not telling you to send out a crappy product or terrible marketing piece, but what I am telling you is that the marketing piece that makes it into your customer or prospective customer’s hand will make you a lot more money than the one that is still sitting on your desk, or still in your computer.

Try this –

Here’s my suggestion to you.  Give yourself an allotted time to write a marketing piece for example – I’ll have this done in the next two hours.  Write it to the best of your ability and print (or email) and mail the damn thing.  If it’s not “perfect” set a time in a week or so to re-write it or make changes to it and then send out the new “better” one to a second list.  This not only helps you speed to the money (which is what we all want), but it also gives you a split test.  Who knows, maybe the one that you didn’t see as perfect will really be the one that makes you the most money.

This may seem like a quick easy lesson, but if you take it to heart, you will make so much more money!

Make this your motto for the next 30 days –

Get it done and get it out! Good it Good Enough!

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