Are You Networking to Stay Busy?

In the monthly marketing meetings I run, we are always stressing that it is not a networking meeting. It’s not a business card swap. It’s not the time for your elevator speech.  It’s a time to be selfish. It’s a time to work on your business instead of in it.
This isn’t because we are against networking. What we are against is wasting your time at various networking events and thinking that you are actually working.  Far too many entrepreneurs attend far to many hours a week and far too much money to be a part of networking events.

What are you learning at these events to help grow your business, to help grow your bottom line?

At our events we want you to embrace being selfish for a few hours and work on your business.  Work on improving your business so that you are more successful and more profitable.

And you know what happens?

Your business become more successful and you become more profitable and networking happens naturally.

I had a client that had decided to not attend meetings for several months. She held a large event for her company and realized that the people that we there to help and the people that were her quality customers were all people that she had met from our group. It really made her step back and realize that she had gotten so much more than she realized from being a part of our little secret society. This has prompted her to come back and rejoin us, and that decision will again catapult her success to the next level.

I’m not against networking.  I absolutely think there is a need for it, I just don’t want you to waste away your days “networking” instead of working to make your business a true success.

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