Be in the Know with Social Media

The problem with writing an article about Social Media is that all the information changes so quickly. What works on Facebook today, might not work tomorrow, but just in case it does, I’m sure you will find the following information useful.

Let’s start with Facebook…

On average a business page on reaches 3-6% of their audience with a post. So simple math – If you have 100 likes only 3-6 people see what you post. Those are not great numbers, especially not for how much time people are spending on Facebook. Remember that FB is a business. It wants you to spend your advertising dollars with them. If you do that, obviously your posts will reach more people, but how do you reach more people for free?

Let’s start from the initial “like” – You now have 48 hours to get that person to engage by liking a post or commenting or sharing… If they engage in those first 48 hours you are much more likely to be seen in their feed again. FB views that as them actually being interested and figures they want more of your content.

When you are posting there are a few rules that you need to live by. First and foremost, don’t post something within a half-hour of another post on your page. FB will think you are trying to spam and neither post will reach many people, if any. Always like your own posts. Pictures and videos are usually given more stock. It’s a good idea to comment with a link, but remember that if someone shares your status (which you definitely want them to do), the link want me with it. FB doesn’t’ give as much stock to scheduled posts through outside sources.

A good way to get people seeing your posts is to have a contest. With a contest make sure you are asking people to like the status, comment on it (preferably including tagging a friend or three) and to share the status. Doing all of these things will help you been seen by more people and get them engaged so that hopefully you will be seen by them again and again.

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform, but don’t discount the others. Remember that GooglePlus may not be where everyone is, but it’s owned by Google. That means posting on it, particularly links to your website, could help with your overall Google ranking.

A lot of people are on Instagram because it tends to be a happy place. It lacks a lot of the complaining and politics that go along with some of the other Social Medias. You have heard time and time again that a picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure you are picking great pictures to share with your following.

These are just a few points to make your Social Media work harder for you without you having to throw marketing money at it. Hope it helps!

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