The Marketer’s Trio

The Marketer’s Trio

There are many important things for a marketer to have in their toolbox and what I like to call the Marketer’s Trio is of utmost importance.

It’s pretty simple and consists of 3 basic points of contact with your customer or prospect.

The Monthly Newsletter –

Every business would see benefits from putting out a monthly newsletter to their customers and prospects. I’ve seen it work for Martial Arts Schools, Contractors, Coffee Shops, Auto Repair Shops and many many other businesses. I guarantee if you put it into place in your business you would see the difference.

To give you a quick example – Since the first month I learned about newsletters I put it into effect in my martial arts school. I put one out every month, and I saw results from it, but for some reason, I never implemented it into my tournament business. It wasn’t until years later that I decided I should give it ago. After sending out our very first one our business increased 66%!!! With even an option of an increase that great, shouldn’t you give it a go?

Weekly Emails or Ezines –

This is a way to constantly stay in front of your customers and prospects! But Marketer beware! This is not an opportunity for you to sell to them. This is the time to enter the conversation in their minds. Talk to them, make them feel like you know them and help them get to know you and your business. Make sure there is personality in your messages. And make it interesting! Give them a reason to not only open

and read it, but to look forward to it, and best case scenario – pass it along to their friends and family or other business owners they know!

Random Touches –

Let’s be honest, even if you say you don’t like surprises, everyone loves surprises, at least the good kind! Your customers and prospects should look forward to your weekly emails and monthly newsletters, but shake it up and bit and send them something random! Maybe it’s for their birthday, or for Thanksgiving or St. Patty’s day, or maybe you were just out and saw something that just screamed their name!

Some of my favorite random touches that I have gotten are a little glass pig to remind me that nothing is impossible and a little toy speed boat to remind me to speed to implementation!

There you have it! What I call the Marketer’s Trio!

Here’s to Your Best Year Yet!
AJ Clingerman

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